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I help find and implement rock-solid digital solutions for business growth and development.


Richard Bland

Digital Consultant & Entrepreneur

Hi, my name is Richard Bland, and I'm a passionate digital consultant and entrepreneur in the ever evolving digital age, helping business owners and startups to find and implement solutions for growth and engagement across the web, social media, email, and video.

I bring 15 years' worth of expertise from a variety of roles within the web industry, with a focus on WordPress and Email Marketing, solutions finding, and bespoke integrations and plugin creations.

To drop a few names, I am particularly fond of working with WordPress, GeneratePress, Elementor, MailChimp, Salesforce & ExactTarget (for larger clients), Adobe Creative Suite, Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

All of my clients at some stage have required integration and plugins which connect their web presence to their CRM systems, Marketing platforms, or E-Commerce platforms depending upon their needs. It is these challenges which I enjoy working on the most.

Availability: Bookings being taken starting October 2017

Richard Bland Signed
Web Presence Design and development of websites, online stores, applications, and plugins.
Social Media Content creation and management of social media campaigns, paid and organic.
Email Marketing Design, build, and management of email marketing campaigns, including automation.
Video Production Corporate video introductions, product/service overviews, and video narration.
Graphic Design Design for branding, web, social media, print, expanding your digital assets.
Management All of the above under one roof, managed by me and my partners for growth.