Richard Bland, Digital Consultant, BhambraBland


Websites, Social Media, Graphics +

Everything starts with a good idea, a sound message, followed up with some great visuals to support the idea. Working with you and your team, I can provide design support, strategy and consultancy on websites, social media, email, CRM, and e-commerce.


Websites, E-Commerce, CRM Solutions +

Today, a digital presence is even more crucial, as is your processes of how your business builds that presence, communicates, and engages with the customer. There are many digital platforms for management, marketing, and communication, often requiring knowledge of coding to build, integrate, and automate those platforms.

Richard Bland, Digital Consultant, BhambraBland


Websites & Social Media

Save time and outsource the management of your website and social media. I’ll keep your site operational and your social platforms up to date.

Marketing & Management

Need a digital manager to help piece it all together? I support small business owners with local marketing and digital management solutions.

Integration & Automation

Need a scheduling solution which integrates with video facilities? Integration and automation of business processes is the next big thing. Are you ready?

Talk To Me

This is one of those awesome moments when you realise what you can do with today’s technology. VideoAsk is a new engagement platform which allows us to record video, audio, or simple text to engage.

Got a question? Simply click the Reply button and start a conversation with me about your project. Give it a go.

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Real-Time Work

Climate Positive

I have partnered with Ecologi (Offset Earth), a fantastic initiative to raise awareness of Global Warming and tackle it by helping business owners like myself offset our carbon emissions. It’s now common knowledge that one of the best tools to tackle the climate crisis and keep our temperatures from rising above 1.5C is to plant trees!