Richard Bland, Digital Consultant

Hello, My name is Richard Bland

I'm a Digital Consultant with Passion & Expertise

How can I be of service today?


I’m a passionate digital consultant and entrepreneur in the ever-evolving digital age, helping business owners and startups to find and implement solutions for growth and engagement across the web, social media, email, and video.

My core expertise lies within website design and web development, specifically WordPress, E-Commerce, and Email Marketing, with a career spanning 15 years. I have enjoyed working with household brand names, agencies, and local business owners.

As technology has grown and changed I am often asked to help design, build, and maintain an online presence for businesses as well as integrate with business processes offline and online.

My skills cover a whole host of services from Branding to Social Media Management. From A to Z, I can help your business maintain a healthy presence whilst looking good too!

Business owners who are looking to scale or develop a better online presence, and find solutions to processes on and offline which lead to efficiency and growth.


Startups who are looking for a creative mind to think through their approach to getting online, who require skills in both design and development.



First we make sure you look your best online and offline

Web Presence

Next we design and build a presence online; web, email, e-commerce

Social Presence

Then we kickstart your customer engagement and growth

…and more